I strongly believe that any vision has to be created with a different set of skills.
Skills that I assemble with different personalities, according to my client’s project.
My role is also to gather, federate, and lead the perfect team to make a dream come true.

(Design & Branding Strategy) :

“It is a pleasure to work with Maëve ! Since the beginning of our collaboration, each project has been both rewarding, productive, and enjoyable. Over the months, I have been able to witness the speed and efficiency of her spirit, her desire to surpass herself and achieve her goals, and to always give the best of herself, for the projects in which she gets involved.
Maëve thinks quickly and well, and each challenge becomes fluid under her. Beyond her undeniable professional skills, her energy is communicative, and she knows how to express herself with frankness, kindness and with an attentive and sensitive ear.”

(Communication Strategy Consultant) :

“Since 2020, I have had the chance to work with Maëve on behalf of different clients. Maëve knows where she is going, and where she wants to take the companies she helps.
It is a pleasure to be able to work together on subjects that are linked between my job as a communication consultant and hers. Together, we manage to offer very comprehensive strategies to our common clients. Maëve is organized, thoughtful and methodical, real assets that should not be overlooked.”

(Illustrator) :

“Working with Maëve is very rewarding. She is very structured, reliable and professional. Her creative ways helps growing together in a process, and also to work out new ideas.
She looks outside the box, which makes the collaboration even more exciting and innovative. I am very much looking forward to further collaborations.”

(Graphic & Type Designer, Creative Director) :

“Maëve is always 1000% involved, reactive, creative, and always meets deadlines. A real energy and results booster. I love working with her, and I recommend her with my eyes closed !”

(Video, Digital & Argentic Photography) :

“Maëve is our collaborator and unique contact for the production of photos and videos of many of her clients.
She is a passionate person indeed, passionate about her work, who deeps herself in the universe of each brand she represents, in order to produce the best possible content.”

(Communication) :

“I am happy to work with Maëve!
Since the beginning of our collaboration, we keep diversifying our projects until the creation of our company Oh Jöy!
Maëve is a sunny person, committed, motivated and a force of proposal.
Her positive long-term vision allows her to set ambitious and achievable goals. She is a real driving force!”